Our communities

Gilliam County lies in the heart of north-central Oregon. A geographically diverse area, the county boasts elevations near sea-level to nearly 4,000 feet at the base of the Blue Mountains. The ecology of the land includes the nation’s second longest, free-flowing river (the wild and scenic John Day River), miles of rolling hills, open vistas, and incredible natural beauty.

Both Arlington, and Condon, boast as a destination for adventurers and dreamers who want to get off the beaten path. Here you can hook the big one in the morning, then try your hand at wind-surfing in the afternoon. Make your home in a real live ghost town and sleep under the stars at the spectacular Cottonwood Canyon State Park. Marvel at the breathtaking sunsets over the Cascade Range and savor our simple, what’s-your-hurry lifestyle.

But the best part of Gilliam County is our people. This is still a place where neighbors know and help one another. Where crime rarely happens and kids are free to ride bikes and play games until dusk. Where cowboys and farmers (and artists, engineers, bank clerks, and baristas) put in an honest day’s work. When you think of small town America, you’re thinking of us.

It’s just one of the reasons we consider Gilliam County Oregon’s best kept secret.