Gilliam County Small Business Grant Program 

Gilliam County recognizes the importance of supporting existing local businesses and the creation of new businesses. The Gilliam County Small Business Grant Program was established to assist our small businesses and to promote economic development, business expansion, and job creation. Our goal is to provide funding to eligible projects as long as funding allows. 

These funds are being administered by the Oregon Frontier Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Gilliam County.  

Eligible Entities: Applicants must operate a business in Gilliam County, be able to demonstrate the need for assistance and provide a compelling narrative about the value of the project. The entity must also be one of the following:

  •         Registered, For-Profit Businesses, home-based businesses and sole proprietors 
  •         Non-Profit Organizations
  •         Fraternal Organizations
  •         Applicants must be current on all Federal, State and County Taxes. 

Small business assistance

for more information visit the Oregon

Frontier chamber of commerce